My name is Nicole Chung and I am a front-end developer focussed on creating great web and mobile experiences.

Previously I worked as an Actionscript developer for games and immersive media. Inside the Haiti Earthquake, a project on which I was the lead developer, was a nominee for the Canadian New Media Awards and a recipient for an Applied Arts Interactive Award.


Currently my interests lie in single-page JavaScript applications and mobile development. I like writing object-oriented, maintainable CSS, leveraging HTML5 whenever possible, and being on a team that builds web applications that work well on a variety of devices.

Having worked previously on a variety of jQuery and PHP projects built without JavaScript MV* frameworks, my current goal is to write modular, easy to maintain JavaScript applications. To this end I have have been developing a knowledge of Backbone and Backbone Marionette, iOS and Android development.

Recent Work

The Loyalist Bartletts
Role: Actionscript and PHP Developer

Inanna Publications
Role: CMS (concrete5), PHP development of a sales tax and shipping module, data-entry

The Runner's Shop
Role: CMS (concrete5), PHP, jQuery, data-entry

Role: redesigned the landing pages. jQuery, HTML, CSS

Role: CMS (Wordpress), jQuery, CSS, mobile-friendly web site

Janine Fung
Role: Design, CMS (concrete5), PHP, jQuery, CSS

Optix Toronto
Role: resolving CSS issues on Android

Disney Jr
Role: part of front-end development team